CA Day 2023 Education Expo Sessions

9:00 am - 10:15 am

"House Rules" - Role of the Board & Manager

Presented by:
Al Koon, Kings Fork Farm Condominium Association
Anita Loonam, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®, United Property Associates
Sarah R. Palamara, Atty at Law, Sarah R. Palamara, Attorney, PLLC

Learn to deal your community a winning hand with this class, designed for new Board Members and Managers, and seasoned Board Members and Managers who want a “basics” refresher. The facilitators will convene a Basic Board Meeting to demonstrate the various portions of a Board Meeting and how the Meeting should flow from one portion of the Meeting to another. Then, the facilitators will review Board Member responsibilities and a Manager’s typical contractual obligations, and discuss when those expectations cross the line to become overly burdensome, outside of the contract or simply outrageous. 

"Pit Boss" - Site Safety

Presented by:
Jeffrey A. Hunn, Pender & Coward, PC
Ryan Velazquez, Virginia Beach Sheriff's Department Emergency Response Team

The number of “active shooter” incidents across the US is on the rise. Community Associations are not immune from this trend. This is an interactive class designed to help Common Interest Community Association volunteer leaders, managers and owners understand the threats posed by active shooters and provide actions to make good survival decisions should an attack occur. We'll cover how to handle aggressive residents, active shooters, and other mayhem.

"Eye in the Sky" - Remote Engagement

Presented by:
Anne Bibeau, Esq., Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black
Debra Young, CMCA®, United Property Associates

Since the pandemic forced many businesses to move employees out of the office, remote work has become commonplace but presents new challenges to employers. Successfully managing remote employees requires extra effort to keep them engaged and productive. Employers also need to consider legal risks, such as wage and hour issues and disability law. This session will discuss best practices for managing remote workers and mitigating the legal risks that remote work presents. Topics covered will include: 

  • Best practices for communication and employee engagement. 
  • Best practices for managing remote employees. 
  • Wage and hour issues. 
  • Disability law regarding reasonable accommodations.

11:15 am - 12:30 pm

"Money Money Money!" - Financials 101

Presented by:
Todd Derby, CPA, DesRoches & Company CPAs, P.C.
Don Plank, PCAM®, National Cooperative Bank

Money, money, money! You collect it, you spend it... but do you understand tracking it? If you find yourself quickly flipping past the financials or wondering what the balance sheet actually shows, this is the class for you! Learn the basics of regular financial reports and get insight into annual audits, reviews and compilations for your community. 

"Playing Your Cards Right" - Staying Out of Hot Water

Presented by:
Chad Rinard, Esq., Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP
Elizabeth White, Atty at Law, CCAL, SandsAnderson, PC

This course, taught by attorneys, provides practical advice on how boards can reduce the risk of needing them.  Alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation; education available to directors and managers alike; annual reviews of associations’ insurance policies and reserve studies and candidly positive attitudes and policies can go far to diffuse tensions when they arise and to protect an association when disagreement is no longer civil.  An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.  Take it from these experienced attorneys how best to avoid your association needing experienced attorneys.     

"When to Hold, When to Fold"

Presented by:
Nick Sullivan, Captain (USN) Retired

Welcome to our CA Casino. The House is bankrolling you an exceptional line of credit amounting to 86,400 chips - all to be spent today. But it isn’t money. It’s the number of seconds in your day. Let’s spend 3,600 seconds chatting about running the tables in your favor to maximize your well-being and the time you spend in “Flow.” 

  • Recognizing being in a Flow state in this Covid “The Great Awkward” world of Burnout, Languishing, and Quiet Quitting 
  • Examining two Case Studies - Yale University and US Navy SEALs 
  • Placing bigger bets on yourself using simple, self-coaching practices and tools 

1:15 pm - 3:30 pm 

CICB Approved Fair Housing Training

Presented by:
Jeanne S. Lauer, Esq., Inman & Strickler, PLC

Participants will become familiar with Fair Housing Laws, including protected and non-protected classes and reasonable accomodations. This course will meet the requirements for two (2) hours of Virginia common interest community fair housing training required by 18 VAC 48-50-100 of the Common Interest Community Manager Regulations for renewal of the participant’s certification as a Common Interest Community certified principal or supervisory employee. 

2:15 pm - 3:30 pm

"Cover Your Bets" - Reserve Studies & Insurance

Presented by:
Connie Phillips, CIC, EBP, CIRMS, Connie Phillips Insurance Financial
Zach Shepherd, RS, Giles Flythe Engineers

The Importance of Insurance and Reserve Studies – Find out if your HOA is prepared. Insurance costs are rising across the country and deferred maintenance has been a large factor contributing to insurance claims. Find out why a Reserve Study is critical to your HOA. The course will cover: 

  • Reserve Study Funding Policy and Ongoing Preventative Maintenance 
  • Types of Reserve Studies – Physical and Financial Analysis 
  • Your Budget and Reserve Funding 
  • Reserve Funding Best Practices and The Safety of your Community 
  • Proper Property Values and the Impact on your Insurance Premiums and Claims. 

"Dealer's Choice" - An Open Forum for Community Association Managers

Presented by:
Walter Campbell, PCAM®Associa® Community Group
Heidi Daniels, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM®, Green Run Homes Association

Association Managers Only! Join us to discuss hot button issues managers are encountering in their daily work days. This session is all about you, so bring your questions, your stories, and your advice!

"Protecting the House" - Going Green

Presented by:
Kathleen Panagis, Esq., Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black
Shannon Lee, Relay Electric LLC

Practical and legal guidance regarding solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations in community associations. 

    • Review and discussion of applicable statutes
    • Governing document considerations 
    • Property Owners’ Association versus Condominium Association 
    • Practical considerations of electric vehicle charging stations & charging stations (i.e., the mechanics of charging stations, including installation and maintenance)