"It's Association Feud!"
It's Association Feud! Surveys of the Ombudsman's Determinations on Final Adverse Decisions to Complaint after Complaint...after Complaint

2:15pm - 3:30pm
Room B*

The Common Interest Community Ombudswoman has published determinations. This course surveys her explanations of final adverse decisions made under the Condominium and Property Owners’ Associations Acts to many issues raised under associations’ complaint procedures. 

Presented by:

  • Kathleen W. Panagis, Esq., Vandeventer Black, LLP
  • Chad Rinard, Esq., Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, LLP
  • Heather S. Gillespie, Esq., Common Interest Community Ombudsman (via pre-recorded appearance)

*Room subject to change