Defending the Fort
Aging Buildings Part I (After Seaside)

11:15am - 12:30pm
Room A*

  • What property types require special focus?
  • Who is qualified to provide guidance on structural issues?
  • What kind of investigation is required?
  • What is the fiduciary duty of the board of directors?
  • What laws or regulations exist or are expected on this issue
          Lending criteria –  changes anticipated -banks and mortgage lenders
          Impact on Reserve requirements
          New Disclosure requirements
  • Methods of paying for unexpected structural problems
          Are reserves a viable option?
          Bank financing options
          Special assessments
          Internal bank lending criteria

Presented by:

  • C. Kellie Dickerson, CMCA®, Fifth Third Bank
  • Michael A. Inman, Esq., Inman & Strickler, P.L.C.
  • Peter B. Miller, RS®, Miller+Dodson Associates

*Room subject to Change