Long Range Planning & Replacement Reserve Studies: An Intermediate Course

9:00 AM - 10:15 AM - MEETING SUITE 1B

Back by popular demand: The importance of long range planning and replacement reserve studies.  Learn why your association needs a reserve study, how to read one and funding requirements and bonus planning materials. Play this instant replay and the board will make the right call.


  • Why your association needs a long range plan
  • Planing:  strategic vs. long range vs. contingency
  • The role volunteer committees have
  • Types of reserve accounts
  • Why your association needs a replacement reserve study
  • How a reserve study supports a long range plan
  • Management’s role
  • Statutory compliance
  • Board’s fiduciary duty
  • Sources for funding long range plans


  • Steps to Establishing a Strategic Plan and Long Range Plan
  • Sample Five Year Plan
  • Common Element / Limited Common Element / Unit Owner Decision Tree
  • Common Element Component Life Span Chart

SPEAKERSClick here for Speaker Bios

  • Terri Hill, CMCA®, AMS®, PCAM® of Chesapeake Bay Management, Inc., AAMC®
  • David L. May, Jr., AIA of DLM Architects